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Our Mission

We’re all here with one purpose, to open your eyes to the world of diving.

Our mission is to provide ultimate dive experience for all divers, beginners all the way to rebreather and technical. Day in and day out we live diving. We go beyond selling product, making sure the gear is right for you and providing professional service to keep your equipment working – for a very long time.


Diving and exploring from the late 1950’s Bob Hollis always loved the retail side of the industry. Starting with his Anchor Shack store he soon became active in making custom housings. Before long divers and others were asking for his products and soon he had an extensive collection of products sold by mail order under the name Oceanic. Among these products there were many innovations and firsts such as the ball joint arms for strobes.


Now was Bob’s time to move forward with digital instrumentation. “ I saw digital instrumentation as the key to the future of diving”. In 1981 the company introduced the DataMax the first mechanical depth gauge with automatic digital timer. The product was a hit and soon Oceanic was at the forefront of dive computer manufactures. Even with all of this nothing could come between Bob’s love of diving and adventure, as he lead and participated in two Andrea Doria recovery expeditions, with more hours on the ship than anyone else.


Now, Bob returns to his beginnings in retail with Breakwater Scuba to reinvent an industry he was involved in building. His goal is to bring divers together to share their experiences and love of the ocean. This chapter marks another metaphorical log in the dive industry book embarking on another odyssey, this time on land.


There is no shortage of dive retailers and service providers that seek your business, yet there is a shortage of dive retailers and service providers with the sole purpose of bringing you the best of the dive world coupled with unparalleled expertise to keep you in the water.


We thank you for your support!