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Breakwater Beach Tour

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Take a tour that starts at the heart of Monterey!


Also called San Carlos Beach and thought of as the "bread and butter" of diving in the Monterey Bay. This is our go-to beach to which send the majority of our divers for two main reasons, reliability and convenience.

The beach is conveniently located right across from our shop. After gearing up it's a short walk across the street followed by a beach entry to get your tour started.

There are three dive sites located on the beach which offer their own unique attractions; speak with your tour guide or instructor to see which one would better fit your expectations.

It's no wonder that more people are certified on San Carlos Beach than any other in America.


1 Tour: $65.00

2 Tours: $100.00

Point Lobos Tour

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Dive in a protected sanctuary!


Point Lobos is a magical place, untouched by fisherman and limited to only 15 dive teams a day. Point Lobos stays a protected and breathtaking underwater playground for diveres.

Home to a unique and lush kelp forest filled with magnificent marine life; it is regarded as a dive that everyone should do at least once in their life. However, we do recommend this dive to a diver familiar to Monterey waters.


2 Tours: $180.00

Full Gear Kit: $75.00



Cancellation Policy & Fees

~ Breakwater Dive Tour ~

There is a $50 fee for rescheduling or cancellation fee if notification is provided less than 24 hours from the day of the tour.


~ Pt. Lobos Dive Tour ~

Payment for the Pt. Lobos dive tour is non-refundable.